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Dean gathers industry talents and has strong research and development capabilities. It has obtained a number of polyurethane foam material and silicone foam material technology patents, actively introduces international advanced equipment, and continuously innovates technology while ensuring product quality, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign companies The situation in China has become the forerunner and leader of the industry

GM series

Medium hardness Silicone foam

• The long-lasting rebound force can provide long-term cushioning support and sealing protection for the equipment.
• UV resistance, ozone resistance, extreme temperature resistance and flame retardancy, stable performance in various environments
• Tight pore structure provides environmental sealing Strong guarantee
• Rich choices of thickness and hardness make the design more flexible

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PF series

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PH series

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PI series

Shock absorbing and cushioning foam

• Abundant thickness, 0.1~5.0mm thickness provides abundant options for filling various application spaces
• Soft placket, providing good placing and protection for filling space
• Good shock absorption, can effectively protect the equipment and reduce impact damage
• Good resistance to compression and deformation, providing long-term protection for the equipment

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PM series

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PP series

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PR series

Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant foam

• Rich thickness, 0.3~2.0mm thickness provides abundant options for space filling
• Soft and hard adjustable, different hardness can meet different needs
• Super strong Scratch resistance, the improved formula has excellent anti-scratch effect
• Suitable for bending use, can maintain the integrity of the foam for a long time in the environment where bending is required.
• Good resistance to compression deformation, for equipment Provide long-term protection

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PS series

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PT series

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PV series

Super soft foam

PV series is an extremely soft foam series developed by our company. It has the characteristics of good compliance and a compression ratio of up to 90%. Bring less rebound force to customers' space filling. It is suitable for applications such as packaging of sensitive devices, vibration isolation, and pressure relief.

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PW series

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PZ series

Super soft slow rebound foam

• Abundant thickness, 0.3~2.0mm thickness provides corresponding choice for handheld device Application
• Good airtightness, can provide good dust-proof sealing effect for the device under moderate compression
• Long-lasting elasticity, providing long-term and stable positioning for parts that need to be fixed
• Good shock absorption performance, which can effectively protect components and reduce impact damage
• Excellent resistance to compression and deformation, for equipment Provide long-term protection

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GK series

Silicone foam

•Ultra-soft characteristics can provide more effective cushioning protection for the equipment
•High compression can make the material have better conformability, thus bringing greater flexibility to the design
•Excellent flexibility And anti-stress relaxation can reduce the cost of maintenance
• Anti-ultraviolet, anti-ozone, extreme temperature resistance and flame retardancy make the material maintain stable performance in various environments

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Thermal pad

PGT series thermally conductive silicone gasket is an excellent thermally conductive filling material, which can fill the surface gaps of irregular parts. It has excellent compliance, thermal conductivity, self-adhesiveness, and Excellent electrical insulation, achieving insulation, heat transfer, shock absorption, etc. . It can meet the design requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thin equipment, and has a wide range of thicknesses and is widely used in electronic and electrical products.

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Silicone Thermally Gels

GGT series Silicone Thermally Gels is a two-component flexible silicone with low stress and high thermal conductivity. The product is often used to fill the gaps of heating components to eliminate the assembly tolerances of the components after curing. At the same time, because it is vulcanized and formed after automatic dispensing and assembly, it effectively reduces the stress damage to the components. The cured thermal conductive adhesive has similar properties to the Thermal pad, has excellent high temperature resistance and aging resistance, and can work for a long time at -40~200°C.

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Thermally Conductive Fillers

It has the characteristics of low viscosity, good fluidity, low shrinkage, and high thermal conductivity. Some Model products can realize self-adhesiveness to parts and are ideal for heat conduction sealing in harsh environments. At the same time, SGT series can adjust the formula according to different needs to make products with different densities and hardness to meet customer needs.

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